National Careers Week celebrates career development

National Careers Week celebrates career development

National Career Week is a celebration of career development. It kicks off from the 17th to the 23rd of May 2021. Career development is about managing your learning, work and leisure throughout your life. It includes gaining and using the skills you need to plan and make informed decisions about:

  • Your school subjects and courses
  • Postschool education and training
  • Work and employment

Career development programmes can equip you with the essential skills needed to adapt to the world of work. And it can help to manage many career changes over the course of your life.

National Careers Week is a celebration of:

  • All career pathways
  • Career Practitioners, Advisers and Teachers who support your career development
  • Events and services that showcase industries, jobs, courses and employment options

Visit the National Careers Week website for more information events.

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