Launch your career with confidence

If you’re a Year 9 to 12 student in Tassie, figuring out what your career might look like can be hard. Careerify is jam packed with useful stuff like articles and activities to help you along the way. We’ll show you the 4 helpful steps to confidently make career decisions, for now, and later in life.

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Do you know what a career is?  

Many think a career is just a bunch of jobs, but it’s actually a lot more than that. A career is a variety of life and work experiences you accumulate throughout your life. Read up on what a career is.

Where are you at?

Stuff you should know at your year level.

Toolkit for making career decisions

There are four steps you can take to make a confident career decision. Each step has a section on Careerify and it’s filled with handy articles and activities to help you along the way. Once you get some practice at these steps, making decisions won’t seem so scary.

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What are you looking for?

Check out some recent articles and activities.

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Take a break, take a gap year

Not sure what to do with yourself after you’ve finished Year 12? There are thousands of people who are feeling exactly the same as you. It’s ok to not know what to do next.
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How to talk to your adults about career stuff

So you’re thinking about applying for further education? (that’s fabulous!) New career paths and job opportunities are opening up all the time and there are literally hundreds of incredible courses to choose from. But you’ll need to know the process.

Paying for Tertiary Study like uni and TAFE

When you explore and research courses to study after Year 12, it is important to also plan how you will pay for study. Fees for tertiary study can be large. Don’t stress! Financial help is available.
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Apply for student accommodation

So you’ve found the perfect course, your application has been accepted, and you’re thinking of living on-campus (great idea, but don’t leave it too late to apply). In this article, we take you through the application process for finding accommodation.

Career Stories

Full of twists and turns and ups and down, your career will be as unique as you. See how other people have navigated their journey so far.

Kendal Sylvester

Kendal Sylvester

“Don’t rule anything out. If you are provided with an opportunity, give it a go because you might surprise yourself”…

Kitana Mansell

Kitana Mansell

“Cooking in the traditional way, in a sustainable way, talking about Palawa Kipli and our culture… I can feel the…

Eleanor Spencer

Eleanor Spencer

For Marine Biology student Eleanor Spencer, success isn’t only measured by the goals she has achieved in life, but by…

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