Keep an open mind and explore

The second step in making career decisions is about seriously exploring your options. It’s a chance to think outside the square, and to give new things a red hot crack to help understand your options. BTW, there’s no right or wrong, only opportunities to learn. So if this is where you’re at, cast the net wide and let’s go exploring.

Education & Training

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Paying for tertiary study like uni and TAFE

When you explore and research courses to study after Year 12, it is important to also plan how you will pay for study. Fees for tertiary study can be large. Don’t stress! Financial help is available.

Let’s talk scholarships and bursaries

Good news! You may be eligible for a scholarship, bursary or financial incentive, which can take the pressure off studying after year 12. Learn more about financial support you don’t need to repay.

The key to feeling confident with course choices

The key to feeling confident with course choices

It’s important to make sure the courses you apply for are the courses you’d love to study. The only way to find out is to do in-depth research. Find out how research will give you the confidence to make a decision.

The key to feeling confident with course choices

Virtual Learning in Years 11 & 12

In Tassie Year 11 and 12 students can have the option to study through Virtual Learning Tasmania (VLT). All sorts of subjects and courses are available. Classes are timetabled and you get one-on-one support to keep you on track. Read up on virtual learning in Tassie.

The key to feeling confident with course choices

University Connections Program

If you’re in Year 11 or 12, you can have a go at completing university units designed especially for senior secondary students, while doing your TCE. Find out how the UTAS University Connections Program enables you to explore all sorts of study.

The key to feeling confident with course choices

School collectives & partnerships

If you find that your school doesn’t offer a course you’re keen on, don’t stress. Many schools are working together to give Year 11 and 12 students more course choices. It’s known as either a ‘collective’ or ‘school partnership’. See what collectives and school partnerships mean for you.

The key to feeling confident with course choices

The High Achiever Program

UTAS has a program for proven academically talented Year 11 and 12 students. The High Achiever Program (HAP) provides access to studying uni level units at UTAS. So are you killing it with your assignments and love an academic challenge? Then checking out the High Achiever Program.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

How can you earn and learn

How you can earn and learn

Did you know you can do an apprenticeship or traineeship while you still study at school? That means you get a recognised qualification and you’ll be in paid employment! Find out about Australian School based Apprenticeships is a smart way to earn and learn.

How can you earn and learn

Certificates. Diplomas. Advanced Diplomas. Let’s talk VET.

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training. It’s practical, ‘hands-on’ and industry-focused learning. There are many VET courses to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s bang on for you. Find out more about VET.

World of Work

Casual work – know your rights & responsibilities

There’s nothing like the thrill of starting your first casual job while you’re still at school. (well, apart from getting your first pay cheque). Of course, like most things in life, you’ll have rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Learn more about casual work.

Ask your school about ‘work-based learning’ opportunities

Today’s workforce offers all sorts of amazing careers that never existed 10 or 20 years ago. This includes Virtual reality consultants. Social media managers. Content managers. Data analysts. Eco-tourism consultants. Cyber-security experts – just to name a few. One of these career paths could be a perfect match for you.

How can you earn and learn

The different ways to explore occupations

Not sure where to start when deciding what occupation to pursue? It can be pretty overwhelming. But once you start looking, and begin to dig around, it can also be pretty exciting. Find out the many ways to explore occupations.

How can you earn and learn

How do you start thinking about the future?

Sometimes it can be hard to get your mind into gear to think about the future. But did you know the choices you make at school can influence your future? Try this activity to help warm up your mind to start thinking about the future.

How can you earn and learn

Put your occupation idea to the test

Before you commit to a specific career path, test your career ideas out first. Learn what ‘work exposure’ activities are and how they’ll help you decide. Learn how you can test your occupation idea.

How can you earn and learn

The hidden benefits of holiday jobs

Holiday jobs can help you earn some extra cash. But you can also gain valuable work experience from them too. Read about the other good reasons to grab a holiday job

How can you earn and learn

The Australian Defence Force

Have you ever thought about a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force? There are over 200 different job roles in the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). Find out how you can join the ADF. 


How to CRAAP Test a career website

How to CRAAP Test a career website

The internet is a brilliant way to gather information on all sorts of careers. But don’t believe everything you read. Some career websites are much better than others. Learn how to CRAAP Test a career website.

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