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How to make career decisions

There are four steps you can take which will help you make a career decision. Each step has a section on Careerify and it’s filled with handy articles and activities to help you. This page summarises what the steps are and links to each of those sections if you want more info. Once you get some practice in with going through these steps, you’ll gain the confidence to make career decisions now and for the rest of your life.

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Discover Interests and Skills

Find out what your interests, skills and values are

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, this section will help you get on the right track. It’s about working out what your interests and skills are, and the things you’re passionate about. Knowing this stuff can provide clues on what to look for in a job, or help you choose a course you’re more likely to enjoy. Check out articles and activities to help you discover interests and skills.


Explore My Options

Keep an open mind and explore

The second step in making career decisions is about seriously exploring your options. It’s a chance to think outside the square, and to give new things a red hot crack to help understand your options. BTW, there’s no right or wrong, only opportunities to learn. If this is where you’re at, find info that’ll help you explore your options.

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Making Decisions

Shortlisting your favourite options

OK, you’re almost there. The third step in career decision-making is about shortlisting your favourite options. We recommend you try and bring it down to three or four. Then take a deep dive into each option and get more information to help you confidently make a decision. Get access to information, tools and techniques to help with making career decisions.


How To’s

Practical steps to put your decision into action

The final step is about setting goals and the practical steps to take to bring your decision to life. And once you’re at your destination of choice, be sure to reflect on whether you’re happy there. If not, that’s ok, go back to any of the other steps and work your way through them. If you’re happy, crack on and keep developing your skills and building your network. Check out the career tips in How To’s.

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