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If you’re not sure where to start when making a career decision, don’t worry, this section will help you get on the right track. It’s all about you. About getting to know what your interests and skills are, and the things you’re passionate about. Knowing this stuff can provide clues on what to look for in a job, a course or extra curricular activity you’re more likely to enjoy. Let’s get started!


How do I know my interests?

When you’re absorbed in doing something you love, time flies by. It’s so easy and effortless, right? You can explore the things you love to see if they can lead to a course or occupation that’s bang on for you.  Try the activity in the how do I know my interests article.

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How can I figure out what I’m good at

Don’t underestimate the stuff you’re good at. These skills can be the foundation for an incredible career. Identify your skills and find out how your favourite activities can turn into a course or occupation.

Skills & Abilities

Recognising your talents - Post Summary

Recognising your talents

Everyone has talents, abilities and skills. By recognising the stuff you’re good at now, you can find options that are perfect for you. In this article, we’ll show you how to find your own pathway using a simple exercise in recognising your talents.

Skills in one job can carry over to your next Post Summary

Your skills in one job can carry over to your next job

The skills you bring to one job can often be used in another job. We explain the difference between hard and soft skills, what employers are looking for, and lots more. See how your skills can carry over to other jobs.


How your values can guide you Post Summary

How your values can guide you

Your core values are what makes you who you are. In this article we share tips and insights on finding YOUR core values, and how this can lead to smart choices when making career decisions. Read up on how your values can guide you.

Understanding the real you can lead to an unreal career

Get some time to figure out what makes you tick. It can make a big difference to the pathway options, courses and occupations you choose. Read up on how understanding the real you can lead to an unreal career.


Take a break, take a gap year

Not sure what to do with yourself after you’ve finished Year 12? There are thousands of people who are feeling exactly the same as you. Why not take a gap year?

What’s your decision making style?*

So what exactly is a career? (you might be surprised)

Many think a career is just a bunch of jobs, but it’s actually a lot more than that. A career is a variety of life and work experiences you accumulate throughout your life. Find out what a career is.

Learn how to make career decisions with confidence

There’s a super handy process you can follow called the Career Decisions Steps. Once you get some practice of going through this process now, you’ll be a confident pro at it. Read about the Career Decision Steps.

What you believe about yourself is important. Here’s why.

Whatever you believe about yourself is important. It can shape your career. We’ll show you how to make sense of the big hairy question, WHO AM I? Find out about what you believe about yourself is important and why.

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