Your career will be as unique as you. It will be a journey full of twists and turns and ups and downs. In Career Stories, you’ll see how people have navigated their career journey so far. Some had a clear idea of where they wanted to go. And others ended up in unexpected places because they gave new things a go or changed their mind. Either way, you’ll see how things have a habit of working out.

Tash Hansson

Job: Carpentry Apprentice

Industry: Building

When Tash Hansson was 13 years old, her family renovated their home. From that moment, Tash knew she wanted to be a tradie, and put her hand up for the school-based Building Futures program as soon as she reached Grade 10.

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Kendal Sylvester

Job: Nursing Student and Health Professional

Industry/Sector:Health and Community Care

Throughout high school I was never certain of the career I wanted to pursue. I had lots of ideas, but nothing jumped out as ‘the one’. I started thinking about the life I wanted and identifying where my skills and strengths might be best suited.

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Kitana Mansell

Job: Project Coordinator

Industry/Sector: Hospitality and Cultural Awareness

The best way I think to connect with culture is through food, and storytelling behind what we are eating. Traditional food that people have been eating for thousands of years.

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Joe Brooks

Job: Podiatrist

Industry/Sector: Health Care

The ability to help someone is such a rewarding and purposeful aspect of a job! They say find something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

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Michael Marshall

Job: Firefighter

Industry/Sector: Emergency Services

Being part of a high performing team and serving the community are just a couple of reasons why Michael decided to join the Tasmanian Fire Service.

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Hamish Donaldson

Job: Electronics Technician

Industry/Sector: Defence Force

If you want to see the world and have an incredible career, there’s nothing like the Australian Defence Force according to Hamish.

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Trish Squires

Job: CEO

Industry/Sector: Sport, Recreation

The previous CEO of AFL Tasmania, Trish Squires, shares her ideas on resilience and leadership. This includes being OK with not being perfect.

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Robert Knight

Job: Tour Operator

Industry/Sector: Hospitality and Tourism

Rob felt the fear of working on a Russian ice-breaker, skiing to the north pole, and running his own business. He did it anyway.

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Jack Bignall

Job: Dairy Farm Manager

Industry/Sector: Agriculture, Business & Management

At only 24 years of age, Jack became the manager of a Dairy Farm that goes back three generations. And guess what? He’s loving it.

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James Noden

Job: Builder

Industry/Sector: Building & Construction

Former apprentice of the year, now business owner and family man – all by the age of 29. Find out how James has laid the foundations for his career.

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Sam Howe

Job: Lecturer ‘Human and Exercise Physiology’

Industry/Sector: Education

From a budding tennis career to a University Lecturer with a PhD, Sam Howe has been smashing it. He shares his story.

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Lyndon Riggall

Job: English Teacher

Industry/Sector: Education

Lyndon’s parents knew he’d be a great teacher before he did. His career path shows there’s no right or wrong direction to explore.

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Ben Salmon

Job: Kitchen Operations Teacher

Industry/Sector: Education, Hospitality

How a taste for travel helped Ben find the right ingredients for a rewarding career as a school teacher.

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Bec Pitts

Job: Psychologist

Industry/Sector: Health

A deep curiosity in the way humans work led Bec to a career in Psychology. She takes time out to share her story.

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Aloise Lambeen

Job: Nutrition Therapist

Industry/Sector: Health

Aloise completed a Degree in Marketing, and did a stint at a big digital marketing firm. But then she went in a completely different direction.

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Ally Daley

Job: Interior Consultant

Industry/Sector: Construction, Professional Services

From an early age, Ally wanted to work in Interior Design. We talk to Ally about her unconventional pathway to get to her dream job.

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Video Profiles

Bianca Eberle

Job: Electrical Apprentice

Industry: Electrotechnology

Bianca is a first year electrical apprentice employed by NECA Education & Careers and hosted by RBD Electrical.

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Connor Hoskinson

Job: Civil Construction Trainee

Industry: Civil Construction

When Connor first started as a trainee he found it quite overwhelming working on the big projects, but now he is taking the lead to teach others.

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Lydia Dales

Job: Project Manager

Industry: Building and Construction

Working all day behind a desk wasn’t appealing to Project Manager Lydia who originally studied accounting. Now the sky’s the limit.

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