This page has got all the practical and useful activities from our Career Toolkit pages – in one easy place. It’s also got posters and flyers which can be handy too.

If you’re a student browse, download and give the activities a go. If you’re a parent/carer or teacher you can share these resources with a young person to help them.

Discovering Interests & skills
Exploring Options
Making Decisions
How To’s
Useful Links
How do I know my interests?

Three easy ways to help find out what your interests are in life. (PDF, 695KB)

Get to know the real you for an unreal career

Figure out what your values, beliefs, interests and aspirations are. (PDF, 1.2MB)

Recognising your talents 

 How to figure out what your skills, abilities and talents are. (PDF, 710KB)

What are your favourite activities?

Find out about your natural awesomeness. (PDF, 958KB)

What you believe about yourself is important

Discover what your beliefs are about yourself. (PDF, 886KB)

How your values can guide your choices

Find out what your core values are. (PDF, 623KB)

How to CRAAP Test a career website

There’s loads of career websites out there, use this checklist to see if the info is useful or not (PDF, 482KB)

How to think about the future

Give the My Dream Job (8 years from now) activity a shot (PDF, 909KB)

The key to feeling confident with course choices

Steps to take to help you decide on further ed courses (PDF, 721KB)

How do Uni preferences work?

See how you can rank your uni course preference(PDF, 368KB)

You’ve made a decision, it’s time to set goals

How to create a plan of attack to bring your decision to life (PDF, 603KB)

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