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There are many ways to start your university adventure. The University of Tasmania has worked with schools across Tasmania to help Year 12 students get ahead. The Schools Recommendation Program (SRP) is one way of getting in that doesn’t rely on ATAR.  If you’re interested in further study, then the University of Tasmania has a place for you.

How it works

You can apply early to the University of Tasmania through the Schools Recommendation Program. Your application is assessed on the recommendation of those who know you best – your teachers – rather than an ATAR result. (Check out the ATAR explainer video if you’re not sure what that is.)

Lock in your preference

The program is open to nearly all University of Tasmania courses*, including the new, flexible double degrees, undergraduate degrees, and associate degrees. You can also apply for bridging courses, such as a Diploma of University Studies. You can apply for up to five courses in total.

If you aren’t sure what you want to study, don’t worry. Have a chat with your school Career Advisor. Or ask them about inviting the University of Tasmania to your school. Or you can call (03) 6226 2999 to speak to someone at the University of Tasmania about your options.

Applications for current Year 12 students open on 30 June 2022.  Round 1 applications close 1 August 2022 and offers are released at the end of that month. You can still apply up to 7 October. But remember, the earlier you apply, the earlier you could lock away a place at the University of Tasmania. And then breathe a sigh of relief!

Find out more on the University of Tasmania Schools Recommendation Program online.

Receiving an offer

Offers will be released from August through to early November, which takes the pressure off you during year 12. To accept your offer login to UTAS Apply Now with the same details sent to you by email when you applied.

Key takeaway

The Schools Recommendation Program can help you secure a place at the University of Tasmania early and take some pressure off the end of the year.

*some courses, such as Medicine and Paramedicine will still require an ATAR entry. Please contact the University for Tasmania for specific course advice.

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