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It can often be challenging sorting your uni course preferences. Especially as it’s done in August and September the year before you start.

There’s lots of guestimating going on. You’re guestimating what your chances are of getting into courses. You’re guestimating whether you’ll pass prerequisite subjects for courses you’ve applied for.

You’ll be doing all this and submitting your application at a stressful time when you are trying to get your TCE too!  If it’s any consolation, everyone is in the same boat.

What if you change your mind about which courses you want to apply for?

There’s no need to work yourself up into a tizz. It’ll be OK. Just get your applications in. Do your best at working out your order of preference and worry about the rest after your exams.

There’ll be time to change your preferences for courses you’ve applied for:

  • After your TCE exams
  • Before first round offers
  • And even between offer rounds if you don’t get into your dream course in the first round of offers

Key takeaway

Don’t stress, you have a few chances to change your mind on your uni course preferences.

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