Going to uni or TAFE can be a bit of a drain on the finances. So it makes sense to look into sources of financial support. A scholarship or bursary can support you with your study. Scholarships and bursaries can be based on your:

  • ATAR
  • Financial need
  • Special abilities and talent
  • Geographic location
  • Specific criteria that may suit you to a tee

Where to find scholarships and bursaries


Industry, local government and community groups support scholarships for TasTAFE students.  TasTAFE scholarships are updated on their website when they become available. Be sure to check it regularly so that you don’t miss out. TasTAFE scholarships.

Further education
University of Tasmania, Australian Maritime College, University College. You’ll find everything you need to know about scholarships on the University of Tasmania website.

Accommodation Scholarships and Bursaries
To find any scholarship or bursaries for accommodation, search the University of Tasmania website.

University of Tasmania Asylum Seeker Scholarship
Up to three scholarships are offered each year. Read about the asylum seeker scholarship.

Mainland universities and TAFEs

You can visit any university  website and search for the scholarships section. To search universities across the country visit the Good University Guide Scholarship page.

Interstate TAFEs
Visit interstate TAFEs and search for scholarships on their website

Interstate Tertiary Admissions Centres and Scholarships
Have you have applied for a course through an interstate tertiary admissions centre? Search for scholarship information on their website.

Indigenous Australians

Indigenous Scholarship Portal – Search for scholarships, internships and cadetships for Indigenous Australians

Rural and regional

The Rural and Regional Enterprise Program
Australian Scholarships of up to $18,000 are available for eligible students from rural or regional Australia. It’s for studying any course Certificate IV or higher. More on the Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships program.

Tertiary Access Payment
You could be eligible for the Tertiary Access Payment of $5,000 to support your tertiary study. This is for people who live in a location classified as outer regional, remote or very remote. It’s offered for those studying a Certificate IV or higher after Year 12. Many locations in Tasmania are in the outer regional area or even more remote.

Find out whether your area is classified as outer regional, remote or very remote. Visit the Workforce Locator to find out.
Find out more about the Tertiary Access Payment.

Accommodation scholarships

Some scholarships and bursaries may be provided by universities, TAFEs and colleges. Be sure to check on their websites to see if there are any you can apply for.

Scholarship database

Search for Australian scholarships by state/territory and field of study on the Good Universities Guide Scholarships.

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