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If you’re 16 years old life is about to get a whole lot more exciting. You can apply for a learner’s license in Tassie. How good is that? You’ll need to find someone with a valid driver’s license to sit with you in the passenger seat. But you can now start the process of getting behind the wheel of a car.

What you’ll need to do.

It’s pretty simple and pretty exciting as well.

Step One:  Go to Service Tasmania.

Find your nearest Service Tasmania

Step Two: Provide three pieces of ID. This can be your:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Australian Passport
  • Medicare Card
  • A Student Identity Card with a photo
  • Or something else that’s recognised as ID.

At the same time, you’ll also need to provide a proof of address. Read Transport Tasmania’s information on evidence of identity

Step Three: Driver Knowledge Test

This is a test you’ll do at a Service Tasmania Shop. You’ll need to answer 35 questions on your knowledge of car driving in Tasmania. While you don’t need to get every one right, some you will have to get correct to pass.

Step Four: Fill in a Licence Application Form.

This is paperwork and all government departments have paperwork. It’s not hard.

Step Five: Pay a Licence Fee.

You’ll pay around $35 for your Learner’s Licence, which is valid for five years.

Step Six: You’ll have a quick photo taken.

You’ll be asked to stand in front of a camera, and you’ll have a photo taken. Unfortunately, no smiling is allowed in this photo. Then that’s it. You’re done. You’ll be given a temporary driver’s licence, and your photo licence card will come in the mail. It’s a very exciting time. We get it. But please, be careful out there!

Find Out More

Find out more

You’ll find heaps of great stuff (including how you can practise your driving knowledge) by visiting Plates Plus Tasmania.

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