What is a Trade Training Centre?

How to access an industry-standard training facility near you

Are you keen to learn a trade while you’re still in school? There are specialist trade training facilities established in regional locations across Tassie. They have industry standard equipment, using the same type of equipment you’d use when you get the job. These centres are commonly called Trade Training Centres (TTC). They’are also sometimes called a Trades Skill Centre (TSC). 

Trade Training Centres have a strong industry focus. Often, the trade skills are in industries where there’s a skills shortage or it’s an emerging industry. This means the skills and training you’ll gain is in high demand, and you can hit the ground running.

Trade Training Centres and Trades Skills Centres are in the following regional centres. Find your nearest one:

Break O’Day Trade Training Centre 
Address: 1a Groom Street, St Helens 7216
Phone:  03 6376 7160

Southern Central Trade Training Centre 
Address: 55 Eddington Street, Bridgewater  7030
Phone:  03 6262 5577

Circular Head Trade Training Centre 
Address: Montagu Road, Smithton 7330
Phone:  03 6452 9288

Deloraine Trade Training Centre 
Address: 24 Lansdowne Place, Deloraine 7304
Phone:  03 6362 8950

Dorset Trade Training Centre  
Address: 20 Copplestone Street, Scottsdale  7260
Phone:  03 6352 6350

George Town Trade Training Centre 
Address: Franklin Street, George Town 7253
Phone:  03 6382 0503

Huon Valley Trade Training Centre
Address: 101 Wilmot Road, Huonville  7109
Phone:  03 6264 0877

South East Trade Training Centre 
Address: 10 Forcett Street, Sorell 7172
Phone:  03 6269 1199

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