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Australian Defence Force Familiarisation

July 2 - July 4

Army soldier watching from armoured vehicle

The Australian Defence Force Familiarisation days will provide students with an opportunity to visit a number of Army units and Navy and Air Force headquarters in Hobart across Derwent and Angelsea Barracks which may include:

  • 2 Force Support Battalion (FSB)
  • 12/40 Royal Tasmania Regiment (infantry)
  • 6/13 Light Battery (artillery), 144 Signals Squadron
  • ADF Recruiting, 9 Combat Service Support Battalion
  • 3 Health Battalion
  • Air Force 29 Squadron and Navy Headquarters

Students attending the event will have a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with equipment and job requirements specific to various areas. They’ll delve into the training conducted within the workplace, getting a practical understanding of what it takes to excel in different roles.

Here are some exciting aspects of the program:

  1. Training Insights: Students will get a glimpse into the training offered by Army units, allowing them to explore the skills and knowledge required for various positions within the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
  2. Unit Demonstrations: Engaging unit demonstrations will showcase real-world scenarios, equipment, and tactics. Students can witness firsthand how different units operate and contribute to the ADF’s mission.
  3. Team Building: Through team-building exercises, students will learn the importance of collaboration, communication, and cohesion. These skills are essential for success in any career, especially within the military.
  4. Physical Training: Physical fitness is crucial in the ADF. Students will have the chance to participate in physical training sessions, experiencing the discipline and dedication required to maintain peak performance.
  5. Career Exploration: Full-time and part-time (Reserve) ADF staff will be available for discussions. Students can inquire about a wide range of careers, gain insights into day-to-day responsibilities, and hear firsthand accounts of their experiences in Defence.

Lunch will be provided each day.

If you would like to attend the ADF Familiarisation days, talk with your teacher about submitting an application.

Students interested in pursuing a rewarding career in the ADF, exploring the available jobs and benefits is a great next step. You can find the latest job opportunities in the NavyArmy, and Air Force on the ADF Careers website



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