TasTAFE Apprentices helping Tasmanians in need

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Six TasTAFE plastering apprentices recently had the unique opportunity to ply their trade on a house, while contributing to a good cause in the process.

The apprentices were helping build Madison House in Kingston, a house being built by Lyden Builders that is expected to raise over $400,000 for Variety’s School Breakfast Club. The house itself will be a home to meet the needs of a Tasmanian family living with a disability. This is part of the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to providing homes for Tasmanians in need.

For most of the apprentices, this was their first opportunity to put their skills into practice away from their employer, a challenge they all took on with their learned skills and teamwork.

“It’s new because you don’t have your employer around, so it’s up to you and the rest of the group to guide us along. It’s been a good experience, a lot of new faces and learned a lot of new tricks as well. It’s been pretty eye-opening to see how far I’ve come through my apprenticeship” plastering apprentice, Lachlan, said.

The added bonus for the apprentices is that they are doing work that will help many Tasmanians in need, making this a great partnership for TasTAFE and Lyden Builders.

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Source: TasTAFE

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