Young female professional smiling at the camera

Danielle Seadon

Job: School Health Nurse

Industry/Sector: Allied Health – Education

There’s a lot of pressure on young people to know exactly what they want to be. But I think there are plenty of opportunities to go and experience things, and see what you like. And if you don’t like it, you can always pivot and try something else.

Students sitting on the grass studying

9 tips to minimise exam pressure

It’s Term 4. You can see the finish line to another year of school. You might be thinking about life beyond school, and planning for university. Before then, there’s a little thing called your ‘end of year exams’ that are just around the corner.

New Teach Tasmania Scholarships

Are you planning to study Bachelor of Education? A new scholarship program is now available for eligible Bachelor of Education students studying full-time at the University of Tasmania from 2024. In partnership with the University of Tasmania, the Department for Education, Children and Young People has committed to funding the scholarship valued at up to …

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Students planting tress and rehabilitating bushland

TasTAFE Conservation students managing their own ecosystem

TasTAFE’s Conservation and Ecosystem Management (CEM) students have been getting their hands dirty recently at a Hobart reserve. Working at Gregson Avenue, New Town, the students are working alongside City of Hobart to learn first-hand about bushland conservation. The students are regenerating and maintaining the bushland reserve while balancing its unique management requirements.  Students have been …

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Young female professional smiling

Maddy Polegaj

Job: School Speech Pathologist

Industry/Sector: Allied Health – Education

I love the human brain. Even when I was in Year 6, I used to always watch ‘Big Brother’ because I was fascinated by human behaviour

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